Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Buzz around the war of the Titans

Google is battling Facebook - and where is Microsoft?

Don't you find it peculiar that Microsoft is not playing a role in this week's mass computing hottest news? After getting used to see Google and Microsoft poking and fighting each other, it's suddenly Google's Buzz and Facebook's Titan that take over the headlines.

Is Microsoft waiting to see what's going on and then take an action, or is it that Microsoft is implicitly playing here through it's holdings at Facebook?

And maybe we should look for Microsoft battling Google in a totally different arena?
Apparently, Microsoft has identified the evolution of SaaS as a major threat to its traditional licensing model. As Gartner puts Cloud Computing (which, for software companies such as Microsoft and Google means SaaS and Paas) at the peak of the Hype Cycle curve, whilst Social Software Suits is on the down slope of the very same curve, it makes a perfect sense for Microsoft to focus its development efforts in the SaaS arena.

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